Start and finish point- at the Royal Beach.
The swimming course will be counterclockwise, in a triangle path, bounded with buoys – 1,900 meters long.
The full distance participants will swim the course twice. At the end of the first lap they will exit the water, pass on the “timing mat” before starting the second lap.


The transition area will be located at the back of the “Sport” hotel. The running distance from the beach to the transition area is approximately 400 meters.


According to the CHALLENGE ISRAMAN tradition, the cycling will take place on route no.12, featuring the steep climb to the surrounding mountains and the rolling-hills route overlooking the Gulf of Eilat and the Arava Valley – a region known for its gustily wind.
The course begins at the “Sport Club” hotel, goes along the Airport bypass road, continues to the northern Eilat bypass road to the Shachmon Square and then on to Route 12.
At the “Sayarim” Junction, about 53.7 km from the beginning of the cycling course, riders will perform a U-turn and return the same way up to T2.
Participants of the half distance race will get off the bikes after approximately 91.5km, while the full distance participants will perform another U-turn and cycle another 44.2km each direction (the second turn will take place about 2.8 km before the “Ovda” airport ), in order to complete the cycling distance of exactly 180 km.


The transition area will be located at the junction point of road no.12 and the Israel National Trail, at the foot of Mount “Yoash”.
(The bikes and transition bags will be transported back to T1 by the CHALLENGE ISRAMAN team)


The run course starts from T2 , Transition area in Netafim , downhill along road 12 on the right side towards the city of Eilat until reaching the Shachamon Circle.

The route passes through the aid station located on the gravel along side the Shachamon circle, and continues decent straight  along Guy road on the North side sidewalk .

The route crosses Sheshet Hayamin st  then turning left on Hativat Hanegev road along its west side and then along Argaman on the right sidewalk until arrival at Meridian/Aria circle.

From Meridian/Aria circle the route continues south along HWY 90 road on the east side promenade past the Dolfin reef until the turning point  of the Full distance at the end of the paved promenade (3 laps to this point).  The Half distance turn is further south about 1 km in front of the new Water park (1 lap to this point).

On the way back North past the  ARIA hotel the route descends to the new promenade  until Mall Hayam and from there along the promenade until the west side of the lagoon.

The route circles the lagoon and then along the King Solomons promenade left to the Queen Shiba promenade , left in front of the Royal Beach hotel on to Derech Hayam road and left to the Finish gantry.

The full distance will turn around in front of the Royal Beach hotel to complete 3 full rounds of the course between the dolphin reef and the Finish Gantry  before entering the finish line.

Finish Line

The Finish Gantry is located at the  Isrotel  Royal Garden Hotel parking area.

 The run course last section swings 90 degrees into the finish line. Family member can Join hands  from  the side of the Isrotel sports Club Hotel.