In CHALLENGE ISRAMAN we put an emphasis on spectators’ experience.
The course has been adjusted in such a way that allows the spectators more accessible viewing locations.

The cycling course will be closed for traffic; however the CHALLENGE ISRAMAN special buses will allow spectators to pass from one viewing location to another.
The organized transportation schedule will be published at a later date.

Please note the following rules:

  • It is forbidden to escort or assist a participant. Such assistance will cause the participant’s disqualification.
  • When entering the race course, caution must be taken not disturb the race or cause a safety problems to the participants racing or the spectators.
  • Be considerate and aware to the participants racing. You can cheer those participants you do not know personally as well.

These are the recommended viewing and cheering points along the race course:

  • Enter and exit point from the water (Royal Beach shore)
  • The climb from Eilat to Netafim – due to the increased incline, the cycling pace will decrease and will allow identifying the cyclists easily.
  • T2 – this is also the half way turning point of the full CHALLENGE ISRAMAN course. During the transition, the participants are delayed several minutes. 
  • The feeding zone at the Meridian circle – this is the most popular viewing point for the spectators during the run. The half CHALLENGE ISRAMAN passes at this point twice, the full CHALLENGE ISRAMAN 6 times. At this location there will be a D.J. present.
  • The marina – the half CHALLENGE ISRAMAN passes this point once, the full CHALLENGE ISRAMAN 5 times. While the runners circle the marina (about a 1 km run), the spectators can cross the bridge to the other side of the marina and meet once more the same runners, or manage to make it to the finish line to meet them there.
  • The finish line.